Wednesday, December 08, 2010

First Steps

Walked on Dec 4th. At ten and a half months old, now considers himself a big boy. Refuses to sit in bathtub, insists on feeding himself, considers napping unnecessary.

He took his funny, wobbly first steps on a pizza night for Summy's friends at our place. Maybe seeing all the kids running around made him want to do it too. Being able to walk has gone to his head.

I put him in his ducky inflatable bathtub as usual, and he stands up and climbs out of it in an instant.

He grabs the bowl and spoon when I feed him, and throws a tantrum and refuses to eat when I don't hand over. Tries to feed himself with the spoon, but not before rubbing the meal all over himself. I have to quickly buy a high chair.

I feed him, rock him, lie down with him, pat him on his back, rub his tummy, but unless he is completely exhausted, he refuses to sleep.

I'm starting to remember what it's like to have a stubborn toddler in the house :)

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