Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Illiterate Parents

This happened a while ago, but I forgot to blog about it until Kiran reminded me. Summy had learned how to write, even though she didn't know how to spell.

She wrote pages and pages of stuff and brought it to us to read. "What did you write, Summy?", I asked, looking at what seemed like gibberish.

"I don't know?" she said. "I can't read it. You're the one who knows to read! What does it say?"

What logic!


Anonymous said...

hey am back home from a 14 day glorious holiday. read all your posts and will comment individually - but this is just to say am so glad you're back here!

Aparna said...

You've been on a holiday? Waiting to hear about it and see pictures.


Sharron said...

Hi Aps,

Its nice to hear that Summy writes pages after pages. Even though it looks gibberish now very soon you will see she makes sense out of it. Di is been a lot into writing. I am simply surprised to see her work on tricky words using phonic clues and manages to spell and write them.There are spelling errors though. I have managed to file some of her beautiful writing


Aparna said...


Nice to hear that, I can imagine her sounding out words and spelling them out. Post some of her writings, and some of her pictures too! It's been a while.

Summy also is now writing out things (sometimes only she can read them because of the odd spellings) and I save them, cute spellings and all.