Thursday, November 15, 2007

Land of the Friendly

We all miss Massachusetts very much. But, the weather makes it a little easier for us to bear, considering it's topping off in the lower 50s and nighttime temperatures are freezing in Shrewsbury, while here it's going to be 80 degrees tomorrow. Ha ha ha.

Goodbye, Fall jackets, goodbye, "crisp" autumn days. Even though, the beauty of Autumn there makes up for the negatives.

There are a lot more things that are nice here: people are nicer: even drivers. People are very nice in Boston too. But drivers there aren't technically people, they are a different species. Decent people there get behind their wheels and transform into ugly selfish honking monsters. I realize that I am a Mr.Hyde in the car too, only after I drove here for a while.

People wave thank you at me for letting them in front of me every time. They give way to me all the time. They actually act the same way they do when they are not driving! There is much talk about rush hour road rage on the freeways here, but Man, they haven't been to Boston. Ofcourse there are exceptions, but mostly, the drivers seem friendlier to me, even though the driving conditions are very stressful.

And at the Farmers Market, people talk to each other. The shopkeepers call me Amiga and offer good deals. Shoppers next to me trying new vegetables ask me if I like them (the vegetables, not the shoppers).

Last Sunday, I tasted a purple grape before picking them out at the Market. An old man shopping next to me said, "Taste one of the green ones too." I don't like green grapes and I hesitated. "Have one." he ordered. Normally if it were Kiran or my parents telling me to try something new, I would put my foot down. But not to be rude, I tasted a green grape. It was deliciously sweet, and the man smiled with satisfaction. "See?" He said. "The green grapes are the sweet ones today." So I had to buy the green grapes.

Not having been to a real Farmer's Market before, this place is really something else. Musicians playing guitars and singing songs. Juicy peaches, plums, apples, pears, pomegrenate are cut up and put outside the stalls, so you can taste before you buy. And the fruit is usually so sweet it's unnatural. The vegetables, I can't wait to go home and cook. And if all this makes one too hungry to wait until they go home and cook lunch, there are delicious-smelling kettlecorn and freshly-cooked food stalls right there.

Does life get any better? Sometimes it does for Summy, when the face-painting lady sets up a small station with a sign that says "Donations lovingly accepted".

Goodbye, chain grocery stores. Hello, Music and the scent of fruit and flowers in the air, Hello good food, Hello friendly fellow people. The humble-sounding Farmers Market, to me, is an example of what life should be like everywhere.


Gauri said...

Good God Aps !! You make me want to hop over there right now ! :-)

Anonymous said...

oh aps you MUST write more often. you really really must. this was a beautiful lovely positive sounding account. the farmers market is just the kind of place i have dreamed of! (without knowing it existed!) makes me want to come holiday with you. summy is getting to sound more and more like you! (lucky girl!) (esp when she says shrewsbury is special. california is special too. thats classic aps style positive thinking.)

Tharini said...

Aps. You are doing it again. You are making me smile, and dream, and sigh and be all at the same time. Amazing amazing girl, you!

Sumana said...

Hello Aparna,
I am tagging you at

Preethi said...

hi first time here...from sumana's blog!! you do have a great style... enjoyed reading your blogs!!

Aparna said...

Gauri, hop over here right now then :)

Deedee, you would love the farmers market. Come holiday with me!

Tara, thanks!!! That was so nice to hear.

Sumana, I'll try and make the tag hopefully not too late! Thanks for tagging me.

Preethi, thanks for reading and for the nice comment!