Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Surf's Up!

We are moving to South Bay, California. From the Northeast corner of the country to the Southwest. From the Atlantic coast to the Pacific. From a large (for us) house to a small apartment. If that is a big change for us, it's huge for little Summy.

She has lived in this house since she was born, played in the yard, grew tomatoes there, picked flowers, colored on the walls, spilled juice on the carpet :) She has known her friends in daycare since they were babies.

So far, she is thrilled about living close to the beach, about the new apartment, about not having to go to school for a while. She tends to develop strong bonds with people, so she is naturally sad about leaving behind friends and family. She even suggested that it would be a better idea to go there for "just three days" on "bacation" to California and then come back to the old familiar. But now, she has come to terms with this move and has even sorted out her toys and books into ones that will go to California and ones that will be given away.

I know and hope that she will adapt quickly and be happy.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it will make all that much of a difference for her.....I mean not at this age. It would be diff. if she was in elementary school !!

Tharini said...

I have to disagree with the anon comment. Its a huuuge change for her even at this age that she is at....and there's going to be some adjusting to do. But I'm sure she will do wonderfully....hope you guy settle in real quick and enjoy all that gorgeous weather ahead. :)

Gauri said...

I must say I disagree with Anon too. We just have to imagine ourselves moving from one place to another. If, for us adults, it means a multitude of changes and adjustments, what would it mean to a four year old ?
Yes, it is definitely a huge change for Summy.
But, am sure, she will adapt pretty quickly to her new surroundings.
All the very best to you guys :-)

the mad momma said...

disagreement with anon - its nice to cheer u and say yeah yeah she will settle in. but its time we realised that kids get very attached and its not easy on them. Realising that and working towards making them confortable is a smarter idea than imagining it wont bother them.

Anonymous said...

well how summy will finally like it / adapt / etc only time will tell! but sweet and smart kid that she is i am sure she will take to the new place, and love it!

from my own experience though, i loved moving. my dad had a transferable job, and i moved 10 schools and 4 colleges. Of course the first few moves i was too small to remember but from as far back as i do remember we kids used to look forward to the move and actually wait for the transfer lists every year! most old friends we kept in touch with, and it was always nice to see and live in new places. i still have a friend from lower KG!

the thing is of course different kids and different situations are different, but from my own experience and even what i see of diya, i do think it is easier on the kids than on the adults!

in fact i have a friend whose dad as my dad's colleague, so as a kid he moved places too, and loved it. but now he himself has a transferable job and has moved 5 places in 5 years and while he still likes it, it isn't as easy as when he was a kid!

i don't really agree with anon that 'it will not make that much of a difference' - am sure it will make a difference, but i do really from experience believe that in most cases it will be an experience that children will like.

of course it is always wise to as mm said 'realise and work towards making them comfortable'!

and aps how nice to see action here again!


Kodi's Mom said...

nice! what a cross-country jump!! good luck with the move. am sure Summy will feel the pain of leaving behind her current home, but my guess is she will adapt quickly...but pls do write about it, ok?!

Aparna said...

Anon, Tara, Gauri, Mad Momma, D, K's Mom, thanks for pitching in :) I do hope she'll adapt quickly.

D, I'm glad to hear that you took the moves really well - I hope that Summy is your kind too.