Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Seeds of Doubt

Summy got a little tiny pot to plant flower seeds in last week. She had lovingly put some soil in the plant (the rest went on her shirt), watered it everyday, and three tiny shoots had come up.

She also showed great interest in getting a bird-feeder after Kiran told her about it. So we went to the store to buy a bird-feeder. She pointed at the bags of seed in that section and asked me what it was.

I said, "Bird seed."

"It grows birds?"

"Yes, honey, it helps birds grow big and strong".

Kiran and I went on looking at the garden stuff for a minute.

"It grows birds?"

"Uh huh."

"And we give them water?"

Then I saw her looking at the bird seed in awe and saw that she had the wrong idea entirely. :) She was picturing planting bird seeds in the soil, watering them, and watching them grow into little birds.

Ha ha ha! Sure, if flower seeds grow flowers, why wouldn't bird seed grow birds?

Such a pity I had to tell her the truth.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mothers Day

First, I acknowledge the bestest mom in the world - you know who, Amma.

For Mothers Day, I asked for a day off from being a mother :) So on the Saturday before Mothers Day, I was left free to do what I wanted. I didn't hear a "Mommy" or an "Appi" the whole day. After a leisurely start, I went to Borders and spent a couple of hours browsing through books. I bought myself a book, then went to Subway for lunch. Over a sandwich, I read my book for an hour or so. Momminess being in my blood, I went grocery shopping after that. But alone.

When I go for groceries with Summy, you know what it's like. First we have to pick a cart, then we have to buckle in, and about 30 seconds later, we have to unbuckle and get off again to take a closer look at the balloons in the store. Then we have to stop at each section while Summy holds the bag open for me while I put the veggies and fruits in. Once we get to the berries, it's a little easier, because we are a berry monster. We want to sit in the cart again and eat our berries right out of the box (now you'd know why all our shirts are blue, purple and pink). After we load up our cart and check out, it's finally time for - going potty ofcourse! (all those berries) Then we have to beg somebody to keep an eye on our cart while we go upstairs and find the bathroom.

So it was different even to do grocery shopping by myself. Then I ran out of things to do, because it was pouring outside. I went home, but there was nobody at home! So I sat around for another hour, eating almonds and reading my book, then to the mall. At the mall, at about 8 PM, I went to a movie ("Thank You For Smoking"). Then I drove back home, thoroughly sick of being by myself, and found Summy was already asleep.

When Mothers Day came on Sunday, Summy gave me a card she had picked out, a pretty little necklace that she and her Daddy got for me, and said "Happys (sic) Mothers Day!". I was happy to spend the rest of the day at home, and Summy and I played a lot.

I forgot, on Friday I got a card from Summy that she made in preschool, a piece of paper with her picture on it and her quote on the bottom "I love my mommy because she plays with me everyday!".

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sounds familiar....

Click here. Go on, it's just a comic strip.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Too many detours

It has been brought to my attention by an alert reader (Thank you!) that my last few posts have had nothing to do with bringing up baby. It started when I used Summy's name once or twice to sneak in an entry about a completely different topic. Then I gave up all pretense, and have been ranting about things unrelated to Summy.

This is natural. Summy's growing up, so I've come out of my motherhood cocoon to think non-Summy thoughts and even post about them sometimes. But this is supposed to be Summy's baby journal.

So from now on, all posts that don't belong here will go to my other blog.

Yes, that alert reader was me. Who else?

Edited to add: I've deleted the last few entries and pasted them here.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Darnedest Thing #2

Yesterday, we attended the last of Summy's classmates' birthdays for this year.

In the car, Summy said

"I'm three years old."

Me: "Do you know how old Mommy is?"

"Hmmmm.... Three years old?"

The strange thing is - she was right, as long as you don't count the zeroes :) Three, thirty, what does it matter?