Friday, June 02, 2006

Can you say that again?

Yesterday, Summy took her little doll (the mommy from the doll house) to school. When I picked her up, I asked, "Do you want to bring the Mommy doll home?". She ignored me and went out the classroom. In the gym, she stopped to play with some toys, and I said "Is the Mommy in your cubby? Do you want to bring her home?" She giggled and made silly noises with a toy. As we walked out of the daycare center, I said, "Don't you want to get the Mommy?". She stopped to look at an ant on the driveway. She got in the car, buckled up, I got in the car, started it, and she said "Uh oh. I forgot the Mommy in my cubby. We need to go get it"

What would you do? I said No.

Summy said "But I want to get the Mommy."

"We can get her tomorrow. Mommy doll will enjoy some quiet time to herself (just like Mommy did on Mothers Day)."

"But I want the Mommy."

"I don't want to talk about it anymore."

"Mommy, turn around. I want to go pick up the Mommy."

On the way home, she said "I waaant to get the Mommy." thirty two times. I'm not exaggerating, I counted. After the thirty second time, luckily it seemed funny to me (these things seldom seem funny at the time), so I started to laugh. After trying to be extremely offended, Summy started to laugh too. After we both calmed down, she said "Thank you for cheering me up, Mommy."

I said, "Oh, You don't have to thank me for that, honeybunch."

"Thank you for cheering me up, Mommy."

"You're welcome, Summy."

"Thank you for cheering me up, Mommy."


"Thank you for cheering me up, Mommy."

(Thank you for the entertainment, Summy.)

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Tharini said...

He he.....good that you found your sense of humour after 32 times.....that's probably when I wud have hit the roof! Summy's really fun and funnY!