Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Telling Left From Wrong

Our morning commute started off with mentally checking off the daily luggage list -
Handbag - check.
Lunchbag - check.
Black bag with six changes of clothes for Summy - check.
My coat and Summy's coat - check.
Gym bag (just in case I get time to work out) - check.
Cell phone - check.
Car keys - check.
Then we set off, and at the second corner we turned, I heard the little voice say "My shoes are at home, mama." Oh yes, her shoes. For a moment we thought we could get away with using the spare shoes in her cubby in school. But that didn't fly - we wanted the Dora shoes.

So we turned around and got them from home. Our conversation in the car as Summy put on her shoes:

(Puts left shoe on right foot)
"Mom, I put it on the wrong foot."

"Yes, put it on the right foot... I mean the left one."

(Puts right shoe on left foot)
"Mom, I put it on the left foot."

"That's the wrong foot, honeybunch."

(Pointing to right foot)
"No Mama, this is my wrong foot."

(Confusion all around)
"That's your right foot, Summy. But it's the wrong foot for your left shoe..."

(Finally puts her left shoe on her left foot)
"I put it on my right foot."

"Good job! You put it on the right, er, left.... Good job, Summy!"

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