Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Car Talk

No, not the NPR kind, though that's entertaining too.

This is about Summy (what isn't?). On the way back home from school in the car yesterday, her rambling went like this. My translations in parentheses.

"I want go home, mom. Go home!"

Me: "Okay, Honey."

"I eat cookie, mom. Delicious. Yum yum. I like waisins. uh oh! My waisin go?"
(Drops her raisin and asks "where did my raisin go?" Then silence for a minute as she chomps on the cookie).

"All done, mom. Here you go." (Thrusts the half-eaten cookie, with the raisins all picked out, at me. I'm driving, so she just drops it on the floor).

"I throwed it, mom."

(Starts looking out of the window)

"Sienna's car! Sienna going home!"
(While pointing to a minivan on the road. I tell her that's not her friend Sienna's car, though it's the same color)

"No. That's Sienna's car, mama. Are you being silly, mama?"
(I just smile)

"Mom, look at the fountain! I found it!"
(It's a fountain all right, in an apartment complex. We're stopped at a red light right beside it).

"Wobins, mama. Eating num num."
(Sure enough, there are robins on the lawns of the apt complex)

"Eating lunch. Help me count - one, two, three wobins. Fly away, wobins. Go home."
(Light turns green and we move along)

"NO! I need see fountain! I need turned the car around!"
(Wants me to turn the car around and go back to the fountain. I tell her we'll see the fountain again tomorrow)

"Bye bye fountain. See you tomoddow."
(Starts to sing here. Goes through ABC, Twinkle Twinkle, I Love You, and a few others. Some I've never heard before).

"Careful, mama. Slow down."
(My back seat driver.)

Me: "Okay, Summy. What did you have for lunch?"

"Noodles, mom."

Me: "What would you like to eat for dinner?"


Me: "No silly, you don't want to eat a basketball."

"No mom, I want eat basketball."

(I give up and drive. We're almost home.)

"I want go to school, mom."

Me: "School is all done, Summy."

"No! Turned the car around! I want school!"


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