Monday, February 14, 2005

Broken Drawer

Today my sweet potato got the shock of her life when she realized the drawer to the side table had gone - disappeared - just like that! Ofcourse, the drawer had just gone to the other side against the wall - I had just turned the table around so that she'd stop getting into the drawer and eating the small screws and rubber bands and other miscellaneous hardware she finds in it.

Her little jaw dropped, her eyes were round as saucers (I've never seen that expression of hers before) as she exclaimed "Drawer gone! Broken? Uh oh! Broken!". I felt a little guilty for lying as I said "Uh Oh" with her, but still had a hard time keeping a straight face :)

She is getting to be very polite - yesterday she handed me back her snack saying "No banana, amma. Thank you." Having a two year old is turning out to be most entertaining.

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