Sunday, September 18, 2011

Help (un)Wanted

Pranav frequently helps me out when I ask for it. More often though, he helps after I specifically ask him not to.

This evening, I piled freshly washed laundry on the sofa and began folding. I had to stop in the middle of this task to do something else.

Our resident neatnik, Pranav, found this unsightly (in his opinion) mess. He climbed onto the sofa, pulled the unfolded clothes off and stuffed them back into the laundry basket. This wasn't enough. He climbed onto the sofa again, took the folded clothes off and piled them up in the laundry basket.

All this time, I was pleading with him to leave the laundry alone, and he was ignoring me. When he was done, he looked proud of himself. Nobody said the usual "Good Job!" to him. So he said it to himself: "Good Job!", he said, with a smile of satisfaction, and walked away.