Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Doctor DoMuch

Summy's pediatrician been her doctor since her birth. He has always been very gentle. He has always listened and paid attention to her, even before she started to talk. He has always talked directly to her instead of through us. It is sad (for us), but he is retiring. He told us so a few months ago, and now we got the final goodbye letter from him, prompting us to look for a new doctor.

The good news is that we already have one. The one whose four year old daughter is getting nominated for the Academy Awards (Summy is the other finalist). How could I do better than the doctor whose kid is going through the same things that Summy is? As soon as Summy asked for a sticker, she went straight for a couple of huge Dora stickers - because she had noticed the Dora sandals that Summy was wearing. Her old doctor, the best in all other ways, would pick out something like Snoopy or Spongebob.

Hope doctor visits continue to be pleasant outings for Summy.